• An abstract take on a landscape just after a Summer rain. It is painted in soft pastel tones with a hint of metallics for that glint of sunshine. It was inspired by the fresh colors of nature right after a Summer rain and painted mostly with a palette knife to achieve the textured appearance of a rugged landscape this artwork has many layers to it. Medium: Original impasto canvas art using artists acrylics, sealed with a medium gloss coat. Dimensions: 101.6 x 101.6cm
  • A passion for life drawing inspires endless exploration into the nuances of the human figure and the development of techniques and use of media- this gouache study was painted from the live model in the studio. Medium: Gouache on paper Dimensions: 50.8 x 61cm This piece is framed in Tasmanian Oak.
  • This piece is from a series of works I did of 'paintings of other people's photos'. Reaching out to friends and followers of my social media accounts, I asked for images they thought might interest me. I was flooded with responses. After careful selection I painted a little over a dozen, of which this was one. The others were large paintings all shown together at Catherine Asquith gallery in Melbourne under the heading 'Twice removed' This one, smaller than the rest, stayed at home and has never been exhibited. The original image was a photograph taken by friend - spoken word poet and DJ - who I have known since the mid 1980's. Medium: Oil on linen Dimensions: 83 x 83cm RRP: $3,000
  • I started on this piece by pouring and tilting the paint freely to see where it would take me. From there I see what shapes and lines are formed, and to my great delight a horse and parrott came through. So then I worked on representing these two images in finer detail. I finished off the piece by my signature dotting and circles to add some patterns. Medium: Mixed media on cotton canvas Dimensions: 91 x 122cm RRP: $1,500
  • Purple Spring is an original artwork on quality canvas inspired by the variety of native plants flourishing around foothills in an outback Australian setting! Soft muted tones and earthy textures are contrasted beautifully against a bright blue sky and soft cloud. This work is completed with a protective satin finish, its edges being a modern matte white. Purple Spring is strung ready to hang with a finger friendly coated wire between solid D rings for easy and durable hanging. This naturalistic painting is pretty, ambient and has an uplifting feel within the room. Purple Spring is marked to show authenticity and delivery can be arranged to you promptly. Medium: Acrylic and mixed media Dimensions: 61 x 61cm
  • This painting is honoring the gorgeous Jacaranda trees that are predominately located around Sydney Harbour. Jacarandas Bloom in October and November and you will get to see a sea of lilac/purple decorating the streets. This gorgeous tree that I love originated from Brazil and can be found all over Australia. Medium: Acrylic and mixed media Dimensions: 45 x 45cm
  • An urban scene ..... view of the side entrance of Adelaide's Bonython Hall, which is on North Terrace, Adelaide and part of the University of Adelaide. Medium: Watercolour Dimensions: 35 x 48cm (painting size) This piece is framed.
  • My artwork is inspired by life's adventures. I paint snippets of scenes from beautiful landscapes I have visited. “Shangri La” depicts a tropical garden drenched under a fresh rainfall. Ribbons of vibrant colour cascade across the canvas mimicking patterns in nature. This is an acrylic painting on gallery quality canvas with a spray glaze varnish to protect and enhance the colour. Medium: Acrylic paint on stretched canvas Dimensions: 72 x 122cm
  • These two paintings come together under the name "Plan A and Plan B". They are like a brother and sister, like a husband and wife, like two business partners. They accompany each other on a life-long journey or perhaps they collaborate on a short-term project. They try to come to a compromise but they can also be their individual selves. The colours from one piece bounce onto the other and back again. They like to play and have a good sense of humour. Medium: Synthetic polymer paint and oil pastel on canvas Dimensions: 20 x 20cm and 25 x 20cm
  • Medium: Canvas print from an original charcoal and cray-pas on paper Dimensions: 45.6 x 30.5cm
  • An Abstraction of Coast and Landscape. Medium: Acrylic on Birchwood Panel Dimensions: 28 x 36cm
  • I’ve developed a single ‘tag’­ PRIZNA. This is a homage to two factors. One, the generic opposition to ‘tagging’ and two, the abhorrent statistic that has seen a quarter of the Indigenous population of Australia behind bars. Medium: Mixed Media Dimensions: 72 x 102cm (framed size) This piece is framed. RRP: $1,500
  • It is imaginary landscape/seascape. Medium: Collage, paper and acrylic paint on board Dimensions: 30 x 30cm, 50 x 50cm (framed size) This piece is framed.
  • This piece expresses some frustration, when my family and I were living in a country town and desperately wanting to return to the city. Sometimes you just have push through and wait until it is the right time. It felt like we were delayed in transit; a feeling I have experienced on several occasions. Despite my frustrations things did work out, which this piece also expresses. Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 152 x 91cm RRP: $3,100
  • Artists statement: the friends landed in this silent, silver kingdom, and patiently explored the hedges, the hollow trees, the tunnels and their little culverts, the ditches and dry waterways Then a change began slowly to declare itself. The horizon became clearer, field and tree came more into sight, and somehow with a different look; the mystery began to drop away from them. A bird piped suddenly, and was still; and a light breeze sprang up and set the reeds and bulrushes rustling excerpt from the chapter entitled Piper at the Gates of Dawn from Kenneth Grahames novel The Wind in the Willows Ever since I read these words as a child I have been fascinated by the landscape, especially our Australian landscape which contrasts so dramatically to the land described in the book. The culmination of the book and a trip to Italy where I experienced the vast contrasts to our sometimes parched land, have resulted in various iterations of the area where I live; the sensation of being in the moment, experiencing the heightened reality of the sound of the Piper at the Gates of Dawn which was actually a bird but was alluded to as Pans pipes. This is the experience I want to create for the viewer; to be lost in the beauty of the moment. Medium: Watercolour, acrylic and coloured pencil on 640gsm hot pressed watercolour paper Dimensions: 71 x 89cm (framed size) This piece is framed. RRP: $1,200
  • Hasu' is lotus in Japanese. The flower itself has different meanings in different cultures. Hasu is known for the way it grows out of murky waters to show its beautiful bloom; something which applies to life. Medium: Watercolours & Pencils Dimensions: 36 x 28cm This piece is framed.

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