• An abstract take on a landscape just after a Summer rain. It is painted in soft pastel tones with a hint of metallics for that glint of sunshine. It was inspired by the fresh colors of nature right after a Summer rain and painted mostly with a palette knife to achieve the textured appearance of a rugged landscape this artwork has many layers to it. Medium: Original impasto canvas art using artists acrylics, sealed with a medium gloss coat. Dimensions: 101.6 x 101.6cm
  • Green leaf and purple petals. Medium: Watercolour on canvas Dimensions: 25 x 30cm
  • A purple butterfly emerges from her cocoon. The meeting places in her wings symbolize family, carers, health workers & community. I am inspired by seeing children with Epilepsy integrating into the mainstream with support and living amazing lives. Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 60 x 60cm
  • I’ve developed a single ‘tag’­ PRIZNA. This is a homage to two factors. One, the generic opposition to ‘tagging’ and two, the abhorrent statistic that has seen a quarter of the Indigenous population of Australia behind bars. Medium: Mixed Media Dimensions: 72 x 102cm (framed size) This piece is framed. RRP: $1,500
  • Feathertop is one of our most dramatic mountains in Australia and it has long been a favourite and an inspiration of mine. I spent 16 winters in the Victorian Alps and this is a view from a skitour that I did from Falls Creek standing on the top of Mt. Jaithmathang. I am deeply inspired by mountains and spend most of my time in them as well as being my main inspiration for my art. This artwork is done in my current style, where the texture plays an important part of the overall piece, so the canvas is un-stretched and crumpled before I start drawing. This is a mixed media artwork that combines both drawing and painting techniques. I am inspired by light and try to communicate the moods that are created in nature by light. Medium: Graphite, acrylic on un-stretched canvas Dimensions: 50 x 70cm This piece is unstretched. RRP: $1,400
  • Sydney Harbour bridge gets very misty when it rains. I was inspired to paint the misty road that I could not see the end of. Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 50 x 50cm
  • Watercolour of one hibiscus flower in my garden towards evening using archival pigments and Archers 300gsm rough paper to create depth. My inspiration was the interplay of light that swirled through the petals. I love to add highlights and often different hues to my work. Medium: Watercolour on paper Dimensions: 61 x 52cm This piece is framed.
  • I started this piece by laying down multiple shades of violet and allowed them the freedom to combine and morph upon the canvas creating the foundations of this garden paradise. Additional layers were colour blocked on in a much more controlled style. Then trees and foliage found their way into the scenery and little wild flowers began to grow. Finally, two white birds of peace took flight... Medium: Acrylic paint on quality, stretched, deep edge canvas Dimensions: 45 x 61cm
  • Our friends bought a farm. One day we were visiting them and I witnessed a great sunset when everything and everyone turned purple and pink even alpacas. Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 50 x 60cm
  • This piece is from a series of works I did of 'paintings of other people's photos'. Reaching out to friends and followers of my social media accounts, I asked for images they thought might interest me. I was flooded with responses. After careful selection I painted a little over a dozen, of which this was one. The others were large paintings all shown together at Catherine Asquith gallery in Melbourne under the heading 'Twice removed' This one, smaller than the rest, stayed at home and has never been exhibited. The original image was a photograph taken by friend - spoken word poet and DJ - who I have known since the mid 1980's. Medium: Oil on linen Dimensions: 83 x 83cm RRP: $3,000
  • Every moment is a new beginning and sometimes an unexpected experience will breathe life into and remind you that life is a beautiful thing, a roller coaster journey of highs and lows. The Awakening is a palette knife painted landscape that portrays the effect of a summer shower that swept through the sky and sprinkled a little magic over the sleepy purple and magenta blossoms, awakening them from hibernation. Medium: Acrylic on canvas with a palette knife Dimensions: 51cm diameter RRP: $1,200
  • Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 60 x 84cm This piece is framed.
  • It is imaginary landscape/seascape. Medium: Collage, paper and acrylic paint on board Dimensions: 30 x 30cm, 50 x 50cm (framed size) This piece is framed.
  • The interactions of technology and humanity are largely intertwined. Iteratively conditioned, processed, manufactured, and governed into what can be described as an ideal being. All the while, with each interaction, humanity finds itself more distanced from society. As humanity grows more distanced, they ultimately find themselves more comforted in the presence of technology. Medium: Paper, Gesso, Acrylic Paint, Permanent Marker Dimensions: 70 x 100cm This piece is framed.
  • 'This Too Shall Pass' is a message of hope for tough times, and a reminder to be grateful every day. It is full of colour and movement to enliven your home. The vibrant colour is balanced against a raw linen background which adds an earthy, natural element. This painting is ready to hang and the image continues onto the edge of the canvas, so there's no need for a frame (although a raw wood floater frame would complement it perfectly). Medium: Oil, acrylic, cotton thread & linen on canvas Dimensions: 61 x 61cm
  • This painting is part of a body of work titled "across and beneath" I live on the Gippsland Lakes. This painting came from a series of photos I took of the lakes at night time. Maybe you can see the water, lights and ripples? Medium: Acrylic on aluminium composite Dimensions: 35 x 35cm

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