• Painting of a cottage set in the most beautiful countryside out from Bright in Victoria. Medium: Watercolour paints on watercolour arches paper Dimensions: 28 x 15.5cm (artwork size), 46 x 34cm (framed size) This piece is framed.
  • My paintings are inspired by microscopic other worlds. Particle physics, pulsating atoms, cell growth, minuscule amoebas and of course I can never escape the otherworldliness of underwater sea life. I grew up in and by the sea at Flinders, Australia. Ultimately the paintings are about our sense of awe and wonder at these miraculous building blocks of life. I wanted this painting to have a beautiful colour vibration. It is inspired by colour energy and movement and my work with the vastness in microscopic and atomic worlds where the light and colour go a bit crazy. The forms are in flux and have a positive active mood with the colours electric and possessing a vivacious energy. The vermillion, the pink and violet are so alive with active colour energy creating a dynamic for the effervescent dance of the ovoid forms all over. These red violet and purple forms create a highly charged electro-field of colour pulsating across the surface, mesmerising and enchanting at the same time. Medium: Polymer and oil paint on canvas Dimensions: 36 x 66cm
  • Medium: Acrylic and oil on wood Dimensions: 45 x 90cm
  • These two paintings come together under the name "Plan A and Plan B". They are like a brother and sister, like a husband and wife, like two business partners. They accompany each other on a life-long journey or perhaps they collaborate on a short-term project. They try to come to a compromise but they can also be their individual selves. The colours from one piece bounce onto the other and back again. They like to play and have a good sense of humour. Medium: Synthetic polymer paint and oil pastel on canvas Dimensions: 20 x 20cm and 25 x 20cm
  • I am currently studying an MFA at the National Art School in Darlinghurst, conducting an enquiry into colour, form and light in Contemporary Geometric Abstraction. My practice explores the complexity found in the simplicity of shape and traverses the fluidity between art and design in painting. By combining an interdisciplinary approach to making art, I explore what it means to work within the expanded field of painting: painting in space, painting with light, painting with and without paint. The parabolic shape is the design foundation of my studio practice. Using the parabola as a visual tool, my practice explores the creative possibilities of this shape, through patterning and repetition found in Abstract Geometry. In Purple Mountainscape, the parabola’s form, oscillates between the rigid paths of its traditional shape and the dancing plasticity of the natural form. Presented as a series of arrangements the Organic Parabola series of paintings and drawings deliberates the creative potential of the parabola’s shape. Liberating the parabola’s form from its limiting curves and structures, the artworks reveal a pathway for mapping natural manoeuvres uniting freely and organically. Using acrylic paint on paper the transparency and translucency of colour and form are alternately layered and overlapped to resemble an abstract landscape, revealing inherent juxtapositions of form, where order and uniformity converge along with unpredictability and spontaneity, realized in the contrastingly and improvisational pouring of paint. Medium: Acrylic and spray paint on paper Dimensions: 46 x 33cm, 52 x 40cm (framed size) This piece is framed.
  • This painting invites the viewer to sit down, surrounded by plants and flowers, and enjoy a cuppa. It was inspired by a walk I took one evening at dusk. Basking in the golden light, I looked in to someones living room and saw the scene of monstera plants, flowering plants and a fireplace. Then I saw a shadow moving and I imagined the person was going to sit down and enjoy a cuppa. The feeling of ease it gave me motivated me to create a similar scene. We live in very busy times and more often than not in cities where greenspace is becoming less available. My paintings are born from an intention of allowing the viewer to pause from the rush and enjoy the delights and soothing properties of nature. Medium: Acrylic on gallery stretched canvas Dimensions: 90 x 65cm RRP: $3,000
  • This is a sunset scene I see quite often when walking along Fingal Beach in northern NSW. Cook Island is directly east from the foreshore. Custom framed with a wide mat and dark blue timber moulding. All materials professional quality. Medium: Watercolour on ‘rough’ watercolour paper Dimensions: 15 x 27cm, 35.5 x 45.5cm (framed size) This piece is framed.
  • The interactions of technology and humanity are largely intertwined. Iteratively conditioned, processed, manufactured, and governed into what can be described as an ideal being. All the while, with each interaction, humanity finds itself more distanced from society. As humanity grows more distanced, they ultimately find themselves more comforted in the presence of technology. Medium: Paper, Gesso, Acrylic Paint, Permanent Marker Dimensions: 70 x 100cm This piece is framed.
  • Jane Mant – “Going Home”

    Starting bid: $400.00
    One of the joys of traveling by car in the Adelaide Hills is the flashing views of light sparkling through trees in all seasons and at any time of day. Coming home from any trip, long or short is one of my favourite things. This painting celebrates my love of returning to our beloved home in our lovely Hills village. Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 51 x 61cm
  • The qualities of the colour purple is said to inspire passion, love, dignity, and strength; It can affect our physicality by promoting a sense of calm and spirituality, uplifting the soul, it is cool and relaxing. The rose with its beautiful form, delicate petals and perfumed scent, also share similar qualities to the colour purple; in that its innate qualities prove strength and resilience through trials of differing weather patterns and ground conditions. The rose also represents passion and love, and is able to uplift the soul and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. It is through these connections between the colour purple and the rose that inspired me to create this work to remember the qualities that these two elements: the rose and the colour purple share such things as hope, resilience, love. Medium: Oil on board Dimensions: 27.9 x 35.6cm
  • Janette Newman – “Winkey”

    Starting bid: $100.00
    Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 50.8 x 40.6cm
  • My current series, Rockpools and Reefs is an abstract reflection of the earths body of water and the wonder which lays beneath the surface. Like life, beauty is deeper than what you initially see. I have a memory of a very vibrant Great Barrier Reef experience as an 8 year old child and the colours will forever remain in my memory. This drives the vibrant colour selection for the body of work you see before you. Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 37 x 37cm This piece is framed.
  • My attempt at capturing the character - and hopefully the soul - of this beautiful, spirited little bird. I keep the composition minimal and graphic to draw the eye to my subject and make a pleasing image for the wall of anyone who appreciates nature and art. Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 45 x 45cm
  • An ode to the beauty of Bondi Icebergs, 'Purple Sunset Icebergs' features vibrant teal blue, fresh aqua and the softest hint of purple hue edging its way above the horizon after a sun-drenched day. The magic of a bright, fresh day at this special place when the whitewash rushes up over the pool edges is not to be missed. Jennifer's signature piece takes on a new life with her trademark pool lanes and gestural brushstrokes set into a light, timber frame. Medium: Acrylic on paper Dimensions: 63 x 45cm This piece is framed. RRP $1,000
  • This painting evolved as my experience of spring evolved. It started as a single vase, with a smaller side glass, then as I walked daily through our garden and neighbourhoods, the spring flowers started to bloom. They all tend to have long stalks and fall in to a whimsical line of grace. I suppose my adoration of spring wildflowers in full bloom is that they show their elegance, and they turn upward to drink in the sunshine; and who doesn't love a touch of elegance and sunshine in ones life? Medium: Oil on gallery stretched raw linen Dimensions: 50 x 40cm RRP: $1,500
  • This small painting is part of an ongoing body of works exploring the Australian landscape, and themes related to the landscape. This particular study came from sketches from early morning walks with my kids in the bushland surrounding our suburb. I was reminded that even in this common and familiar setting we are surrounded by beauty, and that standing amongst gum trees of this stature and age, even here, we are surrounded by stories ancient and recent. Medium: Acrylic on board, with protective varnish Dimensions: 24 x 40.5cm This piece is framed.

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