Ashoka Chowta – “Tool”

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Medium: Canvas print from an original charcoal and cray-pas on paper

Dimensions: 45.6 x 30.5cm

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Timezone: Australia/Sydney

Starting bid: $50.00

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Ashoka Chowta is an Adelaide born artist who has had exhibitions at the Adelaide Fringe, the SALA Festival and at the Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre. Ashoka has sold a bunch of artworks over the years plus coming 2nd at an Arts Prize some years ago at the Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre.

Ashoka’s art can be described as contemporary, abstract, stylised, expressionist, occasionally dark, quirky and different. Ashoka has often dabbled in cartoon drawing and a lot of his work has been influenced by the cartoon genre. Once in awhile Ashoka will do traditional art and almost every time when he makes an artwork he will draw or paint from his subconsciousness. His work is often open to interpretation.

Ashoka in recent years has been getting into filmmaking. He has made a short called ‘The Fair Weather Felon’ and at the moment is working on his second short ‘The Hitman’. Ashoka’s ambition is to one day make a feature film.


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