Di Cox – “Do It With Passion”

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As with many of Cox’s semi-abstract floral, “Do It with Passion” was the product of her inner spirit, fired with the passion to create an original artwork for the wonderful cause – Art for Epilepsy. The title reflects her passion for the cause, not only driving her in its creation, but also to beckon supporters to step up to such a vital cause.

Art for Epilepsy’s specification to use purple reinforced Cox’s conviction to create. The beauty of ‘purple, as Cox sees it, is that its varying tones can range in mood from calm and soothing to dramatic and tempestuous. Cox successfully uses this contrast of mood to skilfully create this semi-abstract floral piece, applying and lifting layers of translucent acrylic colours.

Medium: Acrylic on deep edged canvas

Dimensions: 50 x 40cm

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Starting bid: $550.00

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Di Cox’s personal and professional life have shaped her artistic spirit. From her idyllic childhood growing up on a north Queensland farm, the youngest of four girls to Italian immigrant parents, to her career in health as a physiotherapist and raising her own two children, creativity has always been central to her essence.

Whilst her passion for art began as a child – filling hours whilst her siblings were away at boarding school, and nurtured by a local Burdekin oil painter Mrs Weatherston – it is only since 2010 that Di has focussed her energies back onto art under the guidance of many Brisbane teachers. Her art often reflects the emotion and empathy that echoes her experiences as a mother, a health professional, and a proud Aussie with country roots. Dis art celebrates colour – colour that radiates in our clear Australian light – a defining characteristic of her work.

Artist’s Statement

Having begun my art practice in watercolours in 2010, I have fused the delicacy of this media with acrylics to create an ethereal translucency and depth. I embrace both mediums, and through them I embolden my love of colour. A North Queensland girl at heart, I revel in creatively that is not restricted by boundaries. I adore the freedom of semi-abstract work, the ability to respond innately to the texture and colour on the canvas, that through instinct, evolve to a unique and personal creation

Facebook: www.facebook.com/artbydicox
Instagram: www.instagram.com/di_cox_gallery_brisbane

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