Dore Stockhausen – “night lake”

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This painting is part of a body of work titled “across and beneath”

I live on the Gippsland Lakes. This painting came from a series of photos I took of the lakes at night time. Maybe you can see the water, lights and ripples?

Medium: Acrylic on aluminium composite

Dimensions: 35 x 35cm

Item condition: New

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Dore Stockhausen, born in Germany (1966) since 1992 living in Australia.

Current Practice

My painting practice is process driven, starting with an underlayer painting created using handmade tools to scrape, drag, push and comb paint over the canvas. This gives an ‘understory’ of paint which I later draw on and reveal in whole or in parts. Layers and layers of washes are then painted, often completely covering the underlying ‘first’ painting. This process continues with working back through the layers and painting further washes. In this way the painting goes through many transformations and so develops it’s own history. Living in a rural town, my subject matter is strongly influenced by the natural environment surrounding me or inspired by my travels. Rather than depicting reality, forms and colours are abstracted to evoke the essence of places and the end results are open to interpretation. I’ve been successfully enamelling and making jewellery for the past 30 years but now I feel painting has a hold of me!


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