Eerik Owerhall – “Rocket-Jet”

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Eerik produced this limited edition of 88 prints titled  ‘Rocket Jet’ (Series II) using a new type of intaglio printmaking ink that he made from his invented world first and patented ‘bio-bitumen’ (Non-Petroleum Bitumen) binder technology. The edition took Eerik around twelve months to complete due to formulating and fine tuning the ink to be suitable for pressure printing processes such as intaglio.

Medium:  This is number 1 or the first print pulled from the edition, the print edition was made using drypoint engraving that Eerik then etched using various grounds on to copper plate. The edition is printed on 300gsm Fabriano acid free paper.

Dimensions: 13 x 19cm piece without frame

This piece is framed.

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Starting bid: $400.00



Since the early 1990’s he has created art using the ‘automatic’ and pareidolic process without any conscious control over the subject matter or composition. Eerik strives through his art to explore the relationship and the concept behind what is ‘artificial’ Man-made and the mechanical (Fake) oppose to what is made by nature and the biological (Real), and where do these two overlap and where does one end and the other begin. He has always since his childhood wanted to depict human beings (Man-made) as ones who are out of context in relation to their natural environment. The idea of “Man-made” has always fascinated him especially to the question of, what is natural and what is artificial?

Eerik has also been fascinated by the essential unreality of human generated ‘technology’ and the temporary artificial nature of Man-made objects and the way in which man uses his invented fasteners to attach and join things together whether permanently or temporarily.

Even though Eerik has been practicing his art since the age of seven, with brief professional period in the 1980s and 1990s, producing realist paintings, for the past several decades and with no formal qualifications in science or chemistry his time has in large part been consumed researching and developing what is considered to be world-first Non-Petroleum Bitumen (Bio-Bitumen) for use in road Asphalt that could be produced from renewable waste resources such as biomass. It wasn’t until January 2016 that he was finally able to file patent in Australia for his Bio-Bitumen invention.

Unable to pursue his art full time (professionally) for many years due to his commitments to bio-bitumen research and development, he has also been researching trying to develop new Ink that could be used for Intaglio printmaking that was more suitable for producing the type of effects he was looking for in his own printmaking. As chance would dictate, through extensive trial and error experimentation, in 2015 Eerik was able to formulate new type of ink made from his developed ‘bio-bitumen’ binder technology that was now suitable for producing his intaglio engravings and prints.


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