Emily Lauro – “Hope’s Garden”

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This piece features gorgeous shades of lavender, violet and turquoise. Complimented with touches of metallic silver and pearl that beautifully shimmers when it catches the light.

“The gentle warmth of the autumn sun speckled and glistened about the garden, momentarily transforming it into an enchanted place. Perfumed blossoms danced on their tendrils to the soft sway of the crisp breeze. This day was one that would always be remembered. Its simplicity and beauty was pure bliss. Within this garden, she was forever hopeful”.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 61 x 61cm

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Timezone: Australia/Sydney

Starting bid: $250.00

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As an artist Emily’s inspiration is derived from a combination of her love of nature and the imagery created of fantastical imaginary places. She loves nothing more than being immersed in nature and delights in small details, whether it is the way a piece of bark twists, or the way the sunlight reflects on a creek, or even a particular hue of a birds feather. When creating a piece, she starts with these small details in mind and allow the artwork to develop and grow around them.

Emily creates with a fluid intention, allowing an artwork to take shape and move within any direction progressively. She fully immerses herself with a piece, and as a result each artwork has its own unique feel and its own story to tell. Within a piece, her aim is not only to create a beautiful image, but to share the energy and sentiment of the artwork with the viewer.

Emily’s colour palette is everchanging, and is often determined by the emotion of the piece. She has a strong sense of tone and contrast. Her aim is to create artworks that beautifully compliment the space that they are situated in.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/art_by_emily_l

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