Jamila Hume – “Still light, late afternoon tea.”

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This painting invites the viewer to sit down, surrounded by plants and flowers, and enjoy a cuppa. It was inspired by a walk I took one evening at dusk. Basking in the golden light, I looked in to someones living room and saw the scene of monstera plants, flowering plants and a fireplace. Then I saw a shadow moving and I imagined the person was going to sit down and enjoy a cuppa. The feeling of ease it gave me motivated me to create a similar scene.

We live in very busy times and more often than not in cities where greenspace is becoming less available. My paintings are born from an intention of allowing the viewer to pause from the rush and enjoy the delights and soothing properties of nature.

Medium: Acrylic on gallery stretched canvas

Dimensions: 90 x 65cm

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Starting bid: $500.00


Jamila was born in England and was raised on the West coast of Canada. Growing up next to the sea, surrounded by mountains she developed a deep love of the outdoors and an admiration for artists who deftly painted trees moving in a storm (Emily Carr, Jack Shadbolt, Group of Seven). Throughout her childhood she travelled with her family across Europe and Morocco (her fathers homeland). Her curiosity in cultures led to her taking a B.A and M.A in cultural anthropology and international development. She spent her career in the corporate sector, working in rural and remote communities around the globe.

In 2010, she and her cheeky 11 year old Labrador immigrated to Australia. The gum trees and Jurassic ferns, the melting of expansive sky in to desert nights captivated her. She lived in Brisbane and Broken Hill. In 2013, while living in the Outback, inspired by that great community of artists, she dabbled in painting and ceramics however, it wasnt until September 2016, that she started teaching herself to paint. She and her husband now live in northern Greece. Her days always start with a walk in the forest behind her house and end watching the sunset over Mount Athos and the Aegean.

Jamilas paintings are infused by the cultures she has lived among and by natures hues. She paints rich expressionist oils with a palette knife and deep, warm acrylic still-life’s. There is always movement and nuanced sightlines. She hopes that her art brings joy in to your home and heart.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamilahume

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