Jemma Calavassy – “Rockpools and Reefs III”

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My current series, Rockpools and Reefs is an abstract reflection of the earths body of water and the wonder which lays beneath the surface. Like life, beauty is deeper than what you initially see. I have a memory of a very vibrant Great Barrier Reef experience as an 8 year old child and the colours will forever remain in my memory. This drives the vibrant colour selection for the body of work you see before you.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 37 x 37cm

This piece is framed.

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Timezone: Australia/Sydney

Starting bid: $150.00

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An Australian artist, Jemma Calavassy is on a journey of rediscovering the simplicity of life by creating imperfect perfection through abstract and figurative pieces that speak to observers of a much lighter, brighter and more playful existence.

Stemming from the desire to bring some happiness to the observer, the work represents fluid meditations devoid of any rigidity and control. Experimenting with different mediums, through her use of bright colours, she manages to let go of all the forms, clears a busy mind and transfers a unique perspective onto stretched canvas.

The result is a collection of abstract pieces that allow the observer to experience the peace and tranquillity, the same emotions, which led the artists paintbrush while in the very process of creation.

Jemma’s studio is based 120 km north of Sydney Australia, on the pristine Lake Macquarie. Imperfect perfection is woven into Jemma’s art and designed to bring a little brightness to any room.


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