Jenny Beach – “White Cliffs Creek Bed 1 (Winter)”

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Medium: Acrylic on Canvas wash

Dimensions: 72 x 72cm

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Starting bid: $350.00

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Jenny Beach is an Artist working largely within the realm of the metaphorical. The defining element of her work is an affinity with the outback, rural and regional centres, and the heart of the city – all at once. It is the differences and contradictions that shape her art practice.

Jenny’s current work is a metaphorical journey through life, death, history and evolution. She uses forms, movement and meaning in nature, integrates research, history, culture, symbolism to find new layers of meaning visually, and conceptually. She constantly seeks to find the spiritual and metaphorical existence in the natural world as her work evolves.

The Central Australia series grew out of travelling many thousands of Km through the outback and Central Australia. They are a conceptual response to the landscape, colour and form found within a journey and reference particular places, people and times.

Growing up in rural western NSW, Jenny developed a respect and appreciation for the landscape, the figurative and the spiritual world in which we live. She currently lives in the central west in the rolling hills at Borenore and manages an independent gallery at Millthorpe that is integral to her practice. She was an owner of the White Cliffs Underground Motel for 11 years, and during this time Jenny has drawn and painted through Western NSW, hosting groups of artists for intensive workshops and creative interaction.

In the words of Kandinsky The spiritual … already began yesterday . The past and present is drawn together through the spiritual and metaphorical. The essence of our world is alive in the spirit, majesty, power and light of the magnificent and iconic bird, illuminating and leading us towards a new existence.


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