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This piece depicts peace as I see it. Peace in nature. Peace as a recognised symbolic image. This idea started as a sketch as I drew the tree and felt the peace it portrayed the trunk became the A and the rest evolved. I see the tree as a symbol of peace that we can draw from. A seed is planted, it grows through adversity around human interaction, environmental influence and extreme weather conditions. It thrives and survives while standing still and growing tall in its place for many years to come. If we reflect upon this thought, we, like the tree can stand tall if we attempt to hold peace within ourselves as a guide and strength throughout our life, then we can endeavour to walk a path that reflects peace on this earth (alongside the tree) and those around us.

Medium: Watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil, ink

Dimensions: 74 x 53cm

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Starting bid: $450.00


For the past 25 years Karen and has been working as a Professional Calligrapher.

She trained conventionally, the main focus from a commercial basis.

Her expertise and foundation stemmed in all the traditional fonts, which she applied in her own business.

Gradually she began expanding her craft by experimenting with typography using varying techniques with different nibs, pens and brushes.

Her love of words and colour allowed this to progress in her work.

During this time she taught adult to children as students in various Community Houses and U3A (University of the 3rd Age).

She found this a rewarding outcome for any age realising the art of writing becomes a relaxing activity, students discover unexpected health benefits, some of which can be calming of the mind, heightening imagination and a broadening of their creative perspective. And it brings back the art of writing.

Karens philosophy for her teaching is there are no rules when being creative.

She believes a blank sheet of paper needs each individuals personal, unique touches and approach.

She likes to encourage a student to grasp some basics then allowing the process to unfold at their own pace and style.

For 16 of these years Karen engaged her talents at Craft Markets, where she began to realise the power of Calligraphy as a tool for communication and healing, by producing her own original work, and personal handwritten messages on cards.

Some of which can motivate, encourage or even inspire the casual observer.

She enjoyed meeting and serving many people by producing special messages for their family, friends and loved ones. These included dedications, poetry, book plates, invitations, placecards, proposals, wedding vows, family trees and anything that may require a personal lettering touch. These are all areas of her business she finds exceptionally rewarding.

At present her focus has been in producing her own unique pieces of artwork for sale and eventually for an exhibition.

Recently she studied to become a Teachers Aide for students within the conventional school system.

It was during this time she discovered Art for Epilepsy. Karens has a personal connection to Epilepsy through her sister Anita. Anita lived with Epilepsy all her life but unfortunately passed away. The 20th Anniversary of her passing is this April. This motivated Karen to produce a piece of art to be auctioned for this great cause. She developed the idea in 2017 as a sketch and thought this concept depicted how she felt about her sister and her ultimate goal for people and the world.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/calligrapheratwork
Instagram: www.instagram.com/Calligrapher_at_work

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