Kristine Lubinski – “Float”

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This work is an exploration of the shapes cast by plant shadows and the absent spaces that appear between solid forms. Equally present and visible but often overlooked, this ‘scene between’ is a metaphor for the meaning and contentment individuals often find in the quieter, less visible aspects of life.

Through the deconstruction of shape and form, Kristine seeks to alter perception so that the original motifs are barely recognisable. The flux of semi-figurative abstract shapes float in a field of distinctive colour, inspired by the detailed observation of Australian bush flora.

Medium: Acrylic on 300gsm Arches Huile Paper

Dimensions: 41 x 30cm

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Timezone: Australia/Sydney

Starting bid: $100.00

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Kristine Lubinski is an artist, graphic designer and educator who works across a number of mediums including painting, screen printing and digital art.

Since graduating in Graphic Design (Honours) in 1999, Kristine has created enduring brands for the corporate sector as well as illustrations and surface patterns for a variety of clients in the publishing and fashion industries.

Shortly after the birth of her daughter 8 years ago, Kristine’s husband acquired a permanent disability as a result of a ruptured brain
aneurysm. In response to this challenging life change, Kristine began supplementing her design work with a gentle art practice which brought a sense of meditative peace to her day.

Kristine works from her home studio just near the coast in Newcastle. Easels, canvasses, paper and paints are scattered throughout the home she shares with her family.

Kristine’s work celebrates the simple beauty of shape, natural form and colour and is heavily inspired by the Australian bush and landscape that surrounds her. A curious observer, Kristine looks to the quieter, less visible aspects of life and nature for inspiration.

As a lecturer in graphic and multimedia design, Kristine enthusiastically implements her advanced technical skills into her art and design practice. Many of her art and design ideas are born through creating digital concepts in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop or by sketching on the iPad.


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