Marie Schlederer – “Metamorphosis”

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Metamorphosis is inspired by transformation, on a physical, spiritual and intellectual level. Also inspired by my fascination of Sacred Geometry.

Medium: Ink, paint and crystals on canvas

Dimensions: 100 x 86cm

This piece is framed.

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Starting bid: $1,000.00

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Marie Schlederer is a Contemporary Abstract Colour Filed Artist

My art making process and content is constructed in layers which reveal and conceal past marks, colours and shapes. These transparent layers create a visual story and the essence of each piece. While my marks are lucid, fluid and organic, their purpose is to make art works that are limitless and forever giving pleasure, captivating many of our senses, not just our eyes.

I see humans as vibrational beings with a multitude of senses. Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch are our well-known physical senses, but we are all in one way or another, also familiar with other concepts, such as our sixth sense. Whether we realise it or not, we have the ability to detect through other senses such as vibration, balance, pain, emotion, temperature and many more, all of which together shape our perceptions. While creating art I use all of these senses, as well as intention, to give the viewer an experience to tap into, which may or may not be similar to mine.


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