Melinda Katotriatis – “Lullaby”

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Dreams come creeping, stealing movement and thought, bearing our souls into another world. Lullabies are our guide, opening the secret way with murmured words and hypnotic melody, touching times past of infancy, of utter trust and golden moments.

Much of my painting is an exploration of turning music in a painting. For this work, I was inspired to use music that was written by someone who suffered some form of epilepsy. I chose George Gershwin, who was an amazing composer and pianist. He was brilliant at combining jazz, musicals and elements of classical music to create incredibly accessible music. His Rhapsody in Blue is one of the most famous examples of this. For this piece, I chose Lullaby for String Quartet as the music I painted to, with its beautiful lyrical lines guiding the flow of my movements, and luscious harmonies evoking the warm colours I used in this palette.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 30.5 x 40.5cm

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Starting bid: $100.00

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Melinda is an emerging artist whose work is an exploration of the intersection of music, faith and painting. She holds a Bachelor in Music Performance, and much of her painting process is driven by a fascination of the energy that is captured and released in both the composing and the playing of music, the patterns, rhythms, tone and story that were captured long ago, yet are still there for us to experience.

Melindas practice explores the possibilities in transferring musical energy (sound waves) into painted energy (light waves), translating melody, harmony, rhythmic elements and instrumentation through brush strokes and colour palettes. She loves interpreting and exploring some of the most beautiful Baroque, Classical and modern classical music, imbuing each artwork with lyrical brushstrokes, marks and rhythms. Her palette is influenced by Baroque portraiture and culture, juxtaposed by a softer palate found in modern interiors, blending old and new. Recomposing.

Melindas techniques are specific to each series she has developed. Her Baroque series paintings primarily using super thick acrylic paints to create thick texture, blending and swirling, broken up by sections of calm. Masses of colour stretch into one another, without losing distinction. Hand movements are lyrical, smooth, with a rhythmic flow captured in the marks. Fine details finish each piece, with a small brush used to place in little rhythms and spots, contrasting dark to light, and maybe a sprinkle of gold leaf. She often shares videos of her painting these on her Instagram account, Soak Studio.

Her Faithful series about motherhood is much scratchier and earthier, with scraping tools used to create wilder blocks of colour, loose blending, and finished with drizzles, drips and dry pigments spattered into the wet paint to represent the unexpected happenings of being a Mama, the wild emotions and the rawness of raising children.

Geotricity is her most regimented series, exploring both the rhythm in music and life, as well as themes around shifting perspective it involves structured, repetitive geometric shapes and patterns, with block colours, and designs that incorporate optical illusions to trick the eye and provide endless fascination.



1997 VCE Art

1998 A.Mus.a

2000 B.Mus Monash University


2008 – Art at Burnley Harbour Group Show, Contemporary Art Society

2009 – Art at Burnley Harbour Group Show, Contemporary Art Society

2016 – A4 Art Australia Group Show on Herring Island, Contemporary Art Society


Features on,,,,,,,

Feature article in Yarra Valley & Ranges Magazine, Summer 2016

Art feature in Kulturnews, German Mag 2016

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