Patricia D. Goldby – “He”

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He represents many of the attributes that the male is taught and expected to have in the natural world. He has reached maturity. He has power, strength and the confidence. He is visible. He does not hide. He has taken that step out of the forest, ignoring his surroundings. He has clear and precise vision as he looks ahead. He has reach the top of the hill and he is in command of his choices and ready for the consequences.

There is a tremendous sense of bravery in he who does not hide.

Medium: Oil paint and mixed media

Dimensions: 101 x 76cm

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Starting bid: $200.00

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Patricia has been involved in the creative world for over 40 years. Her love for all things creative and artistic have allowed her to work in Singapore and The Netherlands as an Art Director working in film, television, graphic design and theatre. Today she works as a fine artist who continuously experiments with different mediums and topics. She has exhibited her work at QVW and at 69 Smith st Gallery where she also worked as the Curator, working with many emerging, established and international artists. Her paintings are fundamentally expressive, evoking a sense of mood and space. The natural world is always her inspiration. Through her studio workshops, called Art Tribe she continues to teach adults fine art , equipping them with artistic skills necessary to work as artists and exhibitors.


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