Polina Bright – “Sweet peas blindfolded”

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The main idea behind the blindfolded collection is to show a womans beauty through flowers. What do you see when you look a woman in the eyes? Is it beauty, passion, playfulness, calmness, pacification, caress, tenderness, love?

By replacing a womans gaze with flowers, I have tried to show these traits through the flowers.

In this particular work I painted a girls face covered by the sweet peas flowers. I associate these flowers with incredible tenderness and lightness. The little curly endings of the petals speak of some playfulness and carelessness in this girls character. Full and sensual lips and slightly wavy hair, all giving a feeling of light negligence and naturalness to her entire character, also complement her image.

Medium: Watercolor on 300 gsm cold pressed watercolor paper

Dimensions: 59.4 x 42cm

Item condition: New

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Timezone: Australia/Sydney

Starting bid: $450.00

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Polina is a watercolour artist from Sydney, Australia.

Drawing has been a passion of Polina’s for a big part of her life. That is why, one day Polina decided to create Polina Bright Art to share her creations with the others. Flowers and Animals are her main sources of inspiration.

Polina is a strong believer that there’s an unconditional bond between a Woman and Nature.

Love, Beauty, Strength, Power and many others traits are shared between a Woman’s inner world and wildlife. With her latest works Polina wants to illustrate, amplify and bring to surface these traits of a woman’s character. Polina draws flowers, wild cats, wild birds as an inseparable part of a Woman.

Website: www.polinabright.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/poli.bright.art
Instagram: www.instagram.com/poli.bright.art
Twitter: www.twitter.com/polina_bright

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