Stephanie Prole – “Carnation//Purple”

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This piece is based on a photo of a carnation I took about a year ago, and at the time I had played around with the colours and ended up with a beautiful purple carnation photo. When I was looking through all the photos of flowers I want to paint but haven’t yet, the purple carnation jumped out at me and I realised it was the perfect piece to paint for Art for Epilepsy! The flower’s complexity and beauty almost makes it look like a human brain, and is fitting given that, like many things in nature, epilepsy is still not fully understood.

Medium: Watercolour paint on Arches 300gsm watercolour paper

Dimensions: 23 x 30.5cm

This piece is framed.

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Starting bid: $75.00

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Stephanie Prole is a watercolour artist specialising in botanical and floral artworks.

Steph’s love of watercolour started when she decided she wanted to design a tattoo for herself at the time her dream was a half-sleeve bursting with a mess of colourful flowers! After a botanical art course at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne the tattoo idea faded, but the passion for painting flowers was in full bloom.

Steph’s artworks are softly detailed, with fresh, minimalistic compositions that allow her to highlight the true beauty of the subject. When not creating custom bouquet paintings, Steph will paint any botanical subject that she finds compelling and beautiful. As an emerging artist, Steph still considers herself to be finding her true style, and often experiments with abstract art as a way of taking a break from complex botanical pieces.

Currently Steph creates her art at her home studio in Melbourne’s West, where she creates custom bouquet paintings, and a mix of both contemporary and more traditional botanical works.


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