Stephanie Reggardo – “Epileptic Visions”

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Medium: Watercolour paint and coloured pencil

Dimensions: 33 x 23cm

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Stephanie Reggardo (stephreg) is an artist from East Gippsland, currently studying her third year at the Federation Universitys Arts Academy in the Bachelor of Visual Arts degree. Steph experienced her first seizure at the age of 16 but was left undiagnosed until the age of 18, even after taking multiple EEGs, an MRI and many appointments with a paediatrician, a psychologist and a neurologist, and was at one point accused of simply dreaming/imagining the seizures by one of said professionals. This year, one of her aims for her third year folio is to express how her epilepsy has effected her and how she sees the world since the moment she first lost control of her body to an epileptic seizure. Making people more aware of epilepsy and how it effects the people who live with it is very important to this young artist, and to be a part of this auction, she says, is an honour.


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