Tricia Trinder – “Porthole Horizon 55”

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Porthole Horizon 55 is encaustic on 40cm round board. My inspiration is the ocean horizon which draws our attention outwards rather than inwards which can be uplifting and gives us the courage to move forwards. Looking at the horizon encourages us to contemplate what’s beyond, recognising that there is more out there worth exploring.

Medium: Beeswax, damar resin and dry pigments

Dimensions: 40cm diameter

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Timezone: Australia/Sydney

Starting bid: $350.00

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Tricia is an encaustic artist based in Sydney. Her New Horizon series of works is a contemplation of the intriguing and soothing effect of gazing into the distance. In this series. She has chosen to express visually that feeling of wonderment and release you get whilst gazing out at the ocean horizon. Tricia has been in many group shows in Sydney and also had several solo shows at Sydney Road Gallery in Seaforth.


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