• Ember: a luminous flare of colour and light by Sydney-based artist Jordan Harcourt-Hughes. As though shot up directly from the core of the earth, Ember celebrates the energy of creative combustion and release, leaving in its trail glowing sparks of life and light. Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas Dimensions: 120 x 60cm
  • This work explores the formalities of layered shaped as a process to construct depth and space within the images. Medium: Watercolour and gouache on aluminium composite board Dimensions: 30 x 40cm
  • Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 36 x 46cm (framed size) This artwork is framed.
  • Sometimes it's important to accept people the way they are. Medium: Acrylic, oil pastel and digital print Dimensions: 50.5 x 40cm
  • Push boundaries. Move mountains. A textured piece in Jess Swan's signature bright colours. Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 51 x 76cm
  • Feathertop is one of our most dramatic mountains in Australia and it has long been a favourite and an inspiration of mine. I spent 16 winters in the Victorian Alps and this is a view from a skitour that I did from Falls Creek standing on the top of Mt. Jaithmathang. I am deeply inspired by mountains and spend most of my time in them as well as being my main inspiration for my art. This artwork is done in my current style, where the texture plays an important part of the overall piece, so the canvas is un-stretched and crumpled before I start drawing. This is a mixed media artwork that combines both drawing and painting techniques. I am inspired by light and try to communicate the moods that are created in nature by light. Medium: Graphite, acrylic on un-stretched canvas Dimensions: 50 x 70cm This piece is unstretched. RRP: $1,400
  • Nebula Haze Iris is a one off original artwork by abstract Victorian artist Jessie Rigby. Inspired by cloud particles settling on a rural misty mountain-scape. Medium: Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas Dimensions: 79 x 79cm This piece is framed in Australian Oak, kindly donated by Gisborne Picture Framing.
  • Abstracted still life, small vase with hints of purple in the underglaze, painted predominantly with a palette knife. Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 51 x 41cm
  • Karley Miller – “Hero”

    Current bid: $100.00
    This single Tulip is called Black Hero. Its deep purple colour is a reminder of the colours proudly supported by Epilepsy Action Australia. I photographed this stunning single tulip while in New Zealand filming a documentary. I admire the strength of this tulip standing tall and proud. I am also reminded of my journey having suffered from seizures all my life until radical brain surgery in 2015. I now too stand tall and proud of how far I have come and give thanks to the beauty in life and all it has to offer. Medium: Photograph Dimensions: 42 x 29cm This piece is framed.
  • A branch of hanging purple blossom flowers in full bloom. Despite what life throws our way, it a choice to let the negative either get you down, or grow and bloom from the experience. The flowers hanging represent the way we are all hanging on to something we will eventually blow free of one day. Nothing is forever. However, new blooms will be back next Spring. Medium: Acrylic paint, glitter paint, nail polish Dimensions: 60 x 30cm
  • Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 30 x 37cm This piece is framed.
  • This illustration combines my love of ink washes with a little detailing and line work in ink pen. I really was attempting to use subdued colours while trying to give the piece a feeling of serenity and happiness. Medium: Ink and gouache on Arches 185 GSM watercolour paper Dimensions: 21 x 29.7cm
  • The beauty to be found in the abandoned and overlooked - the textures, patterns and shapes of an earlier age - these are the details that fascinate me. Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 45 x 45cm, 49 x 49cm (framed size) This piece is framed.
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 92 x 92cm RRP: $1,500
  • 'purple rain' is part of my Rain series. It was created especially for the auction and I drew inspiration from an English garden during spring for this rain piece. It has many layers of blues, greens and purples and a pop of light pink. Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 61 x 61cm
  • Dusk along the ranges is a playful piece inspired by childhood travels around Australia. The bright colours and gestural paintstrokes invoke the same sense of fun and adventure that many of us experience as children as we discover new places and see new sights. Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 90 x 60cm

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